arcSPINE | Clark County  (2016)   PUNCH Art Project: 30'-0"L x 5'-0"w x 9'-0"h steel angle sculpture that referenced the surround mountain as it slows rises from the ground. Each piece is cantilevered at an offset angle and none of the pieces touch.  PUNCH Art is Zak Ostrowski, Drew Gregory, and Clemente Cicoria.
  Bend 215 | Las Vegas, NV  (2016 - Unbuilt)  PUNCH Art Project: Bend 215 is conceptually rooted in natural twist and bent forms seen in and around Las Vegas's native environment. The sculpture was designed to be steel panels that would have wrapped the I-215 Pebble Bridge. PUNCH Art is Zak Ostrowski, Drew Gregory, and Clemente Cicoria.
 COLAB Las Vegas was commissioned by the City of Las Vegas for the Ogden Underpass Public Art Project. COLAB LV invited (10) local designers and artists to form three teams and present three different art schemes. The weekend design charette involved coming up with a public art piece that makes the Ogden Underpass inviting, fun, interactive, and safe.  Zak Ostrowski, Clemente Cicoria, and Drew Gregory (Team C) formed one team. Team B consisted of Joshua Vermillion, Jonathon Anderson, and Dave Rowe (UNLV art and architecture professors). Team A consisted of Eric Strain, Glen Curry, David Ryan, and Albert Brown; whose project was selected by the City of Las Vegas for the commission of the Ogden Underpass Public Art Project.
  Neon Gateway | Las Vegas, NV  (Unbuilt)  PUNCH Art Project: Design concepts for Neon Gateway. Sizes and materials range in scale and scope. PUNCH Art is Zak Ostrowski, Drew Gregory, and Clemente Cicoria.
 Neon Gateway Phase I (2013) is a design project by the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission in collaboration with COLAB and Young Guns designers and artist Zak Ostrowski. The Neon Gateway Project is estimated for completion in 2017. The steel structure for the bridge is inspired by the curves and twists of the agave plant. The design feature under the bridge is illuminated with a field of high powered LED lights.  Commissioned Artist Team: Clemente Cicoria,  Leon Cifala, Anthony Diaz, Drew Gregory, Vince Novak, Zak Ostrowski, Aaron Reddick, and Garrett Sullivan.
  2HandsShakingHands (  Zak Ostrowski, Miguel Rodriguez, and Barret Thomson) were selected as one of four finalists (out over 150 submissions) along with Dennis Oppenheim (winner), Romero Britto, and Lawrence Argent for the 18B Gateway Art Competition. Unbuilt
  exoGLOW | Las Vegas, NV  (2011 - unbuilt)  exoGLOW was a outdoor sculptural concept for Las Vegas City Hall. The 20'0"h piece explored textural patina, bioluminescence, facet fractures, natural, and urban decay. 
  dt0.1 | Las Vegas, NV  (2012 - unbuilt)  dt0.1. was a design concept for a City of Las Vegas Building. The design concept explored the desert tortoise shell and pixelation.